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Rey holding a light saber
Hellboy surrounded by burning skeletons
Female superheroes from DC and Marvel comics
Lara Croft pointing a pistol
DC Comics female characters dressed in white dresses - with the exception of Catwoman, who is wearin
Vampirella hanging upside down and gesturing
Wonder Woman standing in a rainbow of light

sdccah! day one

Day One of  SDCCAH! – San Diego Comic Con at Home! is starting off with a bang with some great new pieces of original art for sale. We'll have covers and prelims. Published and Unpublished. Some brand new images, some that have been lurking in the files. The sale goes live today at 9 p.m. EST – the action starts here


And this does NOT include pieces Adam will be drawing live this week. First, Adam will be doing a sketch cover – with input from you. Head over to the Facebook page to cast your vote on which one he should tackle.

But what about prints? Adam always has new prints for San Diego, right? Details are on their way. Watch this spot.

And don't forget, for those signature and head sketch hunters out there, we've made special arrangements with CGC. Just bring the books that you had planned on having signed and graded to the CGC booth and drop them off on site at the convention. Adam and Allison will be heading to the Top Secret CGC headquarters in September to sign and do a limited number head sketches. Allison will even be offering coloring on said head sketches! For additional information, see a CGC rep at their booth at the show, or visit the CGC website here.

Catwoman looking surprised

join us on patreon

You asked for it, so here it is: The Adam Hughes (and sometimes Allison Sohn) Patreon page! Join us for a taste of how Adam works — watch, ask questions, engage in conversation and even attend lessons with Adam and Allison. 

You can follow the fun here.

get your art fix

Adam rarely leaves his drawing table — he's just got too many projects. Luckily, social media allows you to peek over his shoulder. If you're looking for the latest art updates, Instagram is a great place to start.

Follow @atomhues on Instagram.

A close-up of Wonder Woman's face


Is Adam taking commissions?

Is Adam doing any conventions?

Can I send Adam my entire run of Wonder Woman for a signature and sketch?

Find answers to most of those questions here.

A close-up of Wolverine's face

get in touch

Are you a publisher who wants dynamic illustrations by one of the most popular artists in the business? Are you a show promoter who is interested in giving your attendees the best guest list possible? Please read the FAQ and get in touch.

A close-up of Harley Quinn's face

buy stuff

You're a fan who wants

to purchase signed copies of great comics, classy high-end prints of your favorite characters or original artwork from your favorite book. I'm an artist who wants to keep the lights on. Click here and we're both happy.

upcoming events

CANCELLED - Comic-Con International

July 25-28, 2024. San Diego, CA.

Wicked Comic Con 

August 10-11, 2024. Boston, MA.


August 16-18, 2024. Uncasville, CT.

Comic Con Stockholm Winter Edition

November 1-3. 2024. Stockholm, Sweden.

Original Art Expo 

January 24-26, 2025. Orlando, FL.

Comicon The Cruise 

February 5-8, 2025. Tampa, FL. – Cozumel, Mexico.

about adam
Adam Hughes sitting at his drawing table

Adam Hughes began working in the comics industry at the age of 19. He cut his teeth doing interiors for titles like “Maze Agency,” “Ghost” and “Justice League.” Drawing inspiration from Rockwell and Vargas —and many others — he is best known as a cover artist. His celebrated four-year runs on D.C. Comics' “Wonder Woman” and “Catwoman” are perhaps his most acclaimed work to date. In 2010 his almost 20 years of work for D.C. was collected in his first coffee table book “Cover Run,” which has gone through multiple printings. Adam is currently in his studio working on a variety of projects that he would love to tell you about — but can’t.

frequently asked questions

What is Adam working on?

Adam is currently developing his plans for world domination. His Sheepdog Army will be ready for North American conquest sometime in early 2024. Your continued support makes this possible and is always appreciated


Is Adam available for commissions?

Adam is busy at his drawing table and currently does not have time to take on any additional work. 


Can I put my name on a list for when Adam starts taking commissions?

See above. Any commission opportunities will be announced on Adam’s Patreon site.


Can I purchase Adam’s published artwork?

Check out our shop link to see what original artworks are currently available. You can also look at our CAF gallery. Future releases are made available to Adam’s Patreon supporters.


Will Adam sign / sketch / send me … ?

We are unable to take on any requests of this nature outside of scheduled events.


Is Adam doing any conventions? Can I get a sketch/signature from him there?

All of Adam’s convention appearances and CGC signing events are listed in the events section. Any information about sketches will be posted on his Patreon and Facebook pages. 


How does Adam … ?

Adam’s Patreon offers videos of him at work and the opportunity to ask the man himself during one of our chats!

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